We routinely undertake appraisals of potential foundation design options, to ascertain suitable foundation options for a proposed development (i.e. strip, trench-fill, pad, raft, reinforced, piles etc.).  This appraisal is typically based on the ground conditions recorded as part of an intrusive investigation, coupled with the bearing capacities derived from in-situ test data and the results of the laboratory testing.

The ground conditions beneath a proposed development also determine the type of ground floor slab required for a proposed new structure i.e. whether it is suspended or ground bearing. An assessment of an existing floor slab is also often required where extra loading is proposed, for example where mezzanine floors, additional storeys or large scale plant/machinery is proposed.

We can also provide parameters for use in the design of retaining structures, based on recorded ground conditions both behind and in front of a retaining wall, together with in-situ and laboratory test data.

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