Geotechnical assessment is essentially a cost-saving exercise, allowing risks to be identified and addressed at an early stage. We are well-versed in geotechnics, and provide a range of services to aid in development and construction, including advice in the design of foundations, slabs, retaining structures, pavements and drainage features, as well as the identification of potential geotechnical hazards such as historic mines and solution features, shrinkable clay soils, running sand, aggressive ground conditions and more.

Desk-based Geotechnical Assessments

We are able to provide desk based feasibility assessments to provide an indication of potential geotechnical factors that will require consideration when developing a site.

Site Investigation Design, Specification and Delivery

Our team are experienced in the design and delivery of geotechnical investigations to address our clients needs. 

Structural Design Advice

We provide advice on various structural aspects from the design of foundations, slabs and retaining walls, to the excavation and construction of basements and buried structures. We are also able to provide parameters to aid in the design of pavements, soakaways and septic tanks.

Coal Mining RA

We are proficient in the completion of coal mining risk assessments, both as an initial assessment and as an intrusive investigation.

Structural Failures and Claims

We can design an effective investigation to address claims from structural damage and subsidence.

Our Geotechnical Services

Foundation Design
Infiltration Testing
CBR Testing
Coal Mining Risk Assesment
Structural Failures & Claims
Soil Sampling and Testing
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