Dynamic sampling (aka window or windowless sampling) provides a means of investigation slightly deeper ground conditions (typically up to around 5m), and allows for the installation of monitoring standpipes, for example for gas and groundwater monitoring and sampling. It is a relatively quick means of investigation, typically allowing for up to around six boreholes in a working day, or possibly more. Thus, it forms an integral part of modern ground investigations.

Its compact size and manoeuvrability also allows access through tight spaces and even inside buildings, and can often access areas where other investigation methods cannot. What’s more, it leaves significantly less mess than any other means of investigation.

Dynamic sampling also allows for the completion of in-situ standard penetration tests (SPTs) which can be used for geotechnical assessment, including foundation design, and also allows for dynamic probe sounding where the depth of competent strata exceeds the maximum sampling depth of 5m, which provides a record of the penetration resistance of the underlying strata, up to a depth of around 20m.

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